Flow Cytometry Training (22-07-2020)

Flow Cytometry in Semen Analysis: An Introduction – Part 1 (22-07-2020)
Flow Cytometry in Semen Analysis: An Introduction – Part 2 (22-07-2020)
Flow cytometry in Semen Analysis: QC setup (22-07-2020)

This video describes about how common mistakes such as variation in dye concentration, variation in temperature and change in incubation time will affect the data and the interpretation of the results in flow cytometry analysis.

Choosing Offspring Sex- An Introduction

This video introduces the concepts and methods for choosing offspring sex in bovines

Flow Cytometry in Semen Analysis

This video explains about Identifying different types of sperm sub-populations using commonly available fluoroprobes using flow cytometry

Bull Fertility prediction – Why it is less accurate

This video gives you a gist of why the current fertility prediction method used in bull selection in less accurate

Uterine Infection - What you need to know (An Introduction)

This video provide overview about cow uterine infection.

Understanding Uterine Infection

This video describes about how uterine infection occur, its risk factors and major pathogens associated with uterine infection.